Product List

GC Biotherapeutics Inc. (GCBT) upon commercialization intends to have the following plasma-derivative products available.

IVIG 10%

IVIG 10% will be manufactured by GCBT for the Canadian and US market.


Product image is current IVIG 5% product manufactured in South Korea.

ALBUMIN 5%, 20% and 25%

*Information provided here is for current South Korea manufactured Albumin 20% product.
*Albumin 5%, 20% and 25% will be manufactured by GCBT for Canada, US, and China market:

  • By commercialization : Available for Canadian market (Albumin 5%, and 25%) and export (Albumin 20%);
  • Post-commercialization : Available for US market (Albumin 5%, 20% and 25%).


  • The plasma-derivative product ALBUMIN is a hypoalbuminemia drug that has a yellow to yellowish transparent liquid formulation.
  • A 20% solution of purified human serum albumin is manufactured from normal plasma by the cold ethanol plasma fractionation method.
  • After purification, stabilization and passage twice through a sterilizing filter, it is heated to 60 ℃ for 10 hours. This heat treatment completely destroys the causative agents such as Hepatitis B Virus (HBV), Hepatitis C Virus (HCV), Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and so on. There are no known cases of viral diseases which have resulted from the administration.
  • Albumin injection 20%-GCC contains no preservative and is free from plasma proteins associated with the blood clotting mechanism and blood group antibodies.
  • Store at or below 30 ℃ without freezing in a hermetic container.
  • Shelf life: 39 months

Ingredients per 100 ml\vial contains

  • Normal human serum albumin …………. 20 g


  • 50 ml/vial x In-house packing unit
  • 100 ml/vial x In-house packing unit

Product image is current ALBUMIN 20% product manufactured in South Korea.


  • For the hypoalbuminemia and shock in acute hemorrhage by loss of albumin (burns, Nephrotic syndromes, etc.) and low synthesis of albumin (hepatic cirrhosis, etc.)

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